Sunday, January 07, 2007

the oh frodo! mystery solved

You will recall that earlier this week I failed to accomplish what I wanted to do online because I had forgot my password for a certain site. You will recall that the clue for my password was oh frodo! -- note the exclamation point. I entered certain possibile answers to the riddle -- Sam? Gandalf? can't ignore that subtext -- but stopped when I was told that one more wrong password would result in a locked account.

I did some research. It took awhile. Buried away, I found the password. And it was:

bimbo baggins

Obviously, at the time, which was apparently a couple of years ago, I thought this invention was hilariously funny, so inspired an advance on the Naming of Hobbits that it would stick somewhere in my memory, ready to be unearthed with only the slightest clue, rather like one of those mystery stories whose mystery is unraveled by the pack of matches from the nightclub.

(What with the new limits on smoking in public places, this classic clue is surely on the endangered species list. I'm not sure about overheard phone calls. The rise of the cellphone constricts their use as a clue in some ways but opens it up in others.)

I must have been convinced that oh frodo! -- referencing the old Cisco Kid interplay: "Oh, Cisco; oh, senorita" -- would bring more or less automatically to mind the image and then the name of the luscious Bimbo Baggins.

You might disagree, but, My God, if you had a foot fetish a female Hobbit would be the ticket.

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