Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fun Facts

USF is running its employees through anti-harassment training, either in person or online. The time spent is something you gripe about, but on the other hand it is chilling to learn how your life can be destroyed by both what you do and what you let happen, the latter if you are a supervisor.

I will not be ironic about this. My wife has had grief in these areas and went to court about it and prevailed and (if I remember correctly) signed a form saying she would not talk about it afterward. I didn't sign anything, but I will not tempt fate, the law, Google's search engine.

I just completed part one of our our online course of study. It's all very serious, and I rather enjoyed it since you get to take all sorts of interactive quizzes, and one is always proud when one gets them all right. Which one finally does. But I will leave with a comment of a lighter nature: Apparently, it is not illegal to prefer a job candidate who has all her/his teeth over one that doesn't. They didn't cite the case law, which I would love to see.

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