Thursday, December 20, 2007

Highway in the Sky

My wife wanted to take her mother on a road trip today, so they drove from Winter Haven in central Florida to Tampa-St. Pete on the Gulf, the idea being they would eat at a bayside restaurant we had found when I did a seminar at the Poynter Institute ten years ago.

But my wife more or less got lost somewhere in Tampa. She called me on her cell and gave me the cross streets.

In about five minutes she was redirected toward where I thought the restaurant was. Five more minutes wandering around Google maps, and I caller her back with the name of the restaurant.

There is a degree of wonder in this directly proportional to one's age, a pride and sense of empowerment. Some things one does with a computer are merely flamboyant. One could do them just as well some other way. Perhaps (to be honest) one could do them better.

But playing eye in the sky from 2,500 miles away. I've done stories about remote viewing and the Psychic Friends Network. This is better.


david silver said...

i agree. this particular eye in the sky feat was pretty impressive when you think about it.

Patrick Lagreid said...

Same experience -- my significant other called me from Ft. Worth, TX asking me to get her directions back to the hotel after going to dinner.

Really strange. And I'm the one who gets accused of not wanting to pull over and ask directions.