Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Mother-in-law has a plastic fence

I am washing it down with a solution of bleach and water because it's covered with green muck -- Muckis Floridiana. Then I'll pick up the spoiled oranges at the north end of the yard and then I'll "move the bark." I put that in quotes because it's on the list my wife gave me, but I have not personally seen the bark.

Yet why would she refer to it were it not there? So I will Move the Bark. No doubt. No irony.

Actually, it's good to have a list of things to do. At 96.5 years of age -- and, yes, we will have an observation when her age hits her body temperature -- my mother-in-law has quite a good memory for things past. She enjoys remembering them; thus, having remembered them and enjoyed them, she will remember them again. And possibly again. Oh, why not: Again!

My own mother does the same thing except she cries and wonders why nobody loves her, so my mum-in-law's *zest* in her memories is a welcome relief.

Still, it's nice to have a reason to go outside occasionally, even if it does involve rubber gloves and bleach.

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