Saturday, December 15, 2007

Midnight Ramblings

Last night I put Eydie on a redeye to Florida to spend the holidays with her 96.5-year-old mom. I'll be joining her shortly, and I know the planes are quite safe, probably safer than I was on the drive home.

Still, I worry and couldn't get to sleep. I wandered around the Net looking for a *free* program that would allow me to create pan-and-scan audio slideshows in the Ken Burns manner. I found something called Photostory 3, which is quite elementary -- I once played with Protools, baby -- but did the job.

Hence the following, roughly done -- the whole point is to do it quick and dirty, serving as an example for all those print students that I wish to dip a toe into multimedia.

There really is such a leaf lottery. And (sad to say) it certainly must be subject to tampering because I've never won.

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