Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Favorite Restaurant Gets Invaded and Robbed

It's the clever Furenzu just across the line in Emeryville.

It's a favorite where we have sat many a time. Maybe the cops should just follow us around. No joke, though. I wonder when, in spite of all our good intentions, we will forgo a late-evening visit to a fine Oakland restaurant because of some sudden tingle up the back of the neck, one of those premonitions that are not psychic insight but simple fear.

How do you stop such robberies? I'm guessing they are damaging enough to the tax base that you put up a reward big enough to bring out a snitch.


Anonymous said...

It might be time for the Sheriff of Nottingham. His experience dealing with redistributive rogues like this is invaluable. In the meantime, consider wearing incontinence gear when you go out for fine dining. Don't establish eye contact if the place is hit, and if asked to squeal like a pig consider your options carefully.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Your comment has a *regional* flavor.