Friday, April 04, 2008


Went to the Zuni Cafe tonight for E.'s birthday. I like the Zuni Cafe. Nice choice of beast flesh, those beasts respected in the loving preparation of their flesh. I had the pork chop. E. had the bunny.

After the meal, lined up for the toilet. Guy behind me was a very pleasant fellow, a tourist from Ireland. He said that some of his party had the chicken for two, which -- according to the menu -- you need to allow an hour for the slow cooking in the wood-fired oven.

I said that's a long time. He said not so if you are having the champagne and the cocktails, not long at all.

He also said he was impressed with how cheap the meal was -- if you are an Irish tourist with a charge card full of Euros. The wheel turns Americanos, the wheel turns.


Tmorahan said...

The subjective nature of time Brother Robertson.
How long did your wait feel like?

Anonymous said...

What are you doing talking to strange men in the men's room?

....J.Michael Robertson said...

I was floating in the eyes of my darling, so it was all a split second. And, of course, I talk to strangers -- if they have Morahan's wide honest brow.