Sunday, April 20, 2008

An Outing

Went to see a loose "poetic" reimagining of Eurypides "Trojan Women" at the Aurora Theater last night, along with Pat, Gayle, Jon, Pat and Danny.

Liked it. All about the immediate aftermath of the fall of Troy. Liked the part where Hector's widow Andromache was going to make the best of it all -- abduction as sex toy cum trophy for the Greeks -- until the Greeks decided to throw her baby, Hector's son, off the battlements, as I think they called them.

That put an end to the making-the-best-of. The Trojan women were somewhere between irritation and surprise at the disinclination or the inability of the gods who liked them so very much to forestall their end.

It made my wife think of Iraq. Guess what it made me think of? I tend to take these things personally.

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