Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Low Thought

I just watched the mash-up of Sarah Palin's low moments on the TV and suddenly realized that some people -- not just men but also women -- have sat across from an attractive person talking gibberish (talking it charmingly or what seems charming as nature spritzes us with the the ooze and drippings of our naughty glands) and thought only:

My God who cares. I'll stop that mouth with kisses. Tonight we love!

This is the very flower of hypocrisy and not an uncommon experience I'm guessing and a possible source of future shame. But I was an inept seducer and am haunted only by the wish, not the deed.

Clarification: I am speaking generically here. Personally, Sarah Palin creeps me out. But I have, as they say and once upon a time, hated the sin but loved the sinner.

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