Sunday, October 05, 2008

What I Want in the Next President

Am I excited about what Obama will symbolize and what he might actually do? Absolutely and probably. Am I ecstatic about what will not be done if the president is not John McCain?

I tremble with joy. I don't mind justifying my conduct with negatives. NOT Bush specifically and NOT Republican generically are more than enough.

Big check for Obama going out tonight.

I think of George Bush and I recall: Our nada who art in nada.


Anonymous said...

That one? Hoover? The KGB? Say what? McCain is off his sodding trolley. Leaving immediately to let Obama and Michelle work the room alone, in front of millions of viewers?! WTF? Utterly clueless. Like the current Prez. And ergo very very scary.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

If you were waiting for the Big Nada, here he is. Or, thankfully, after last night: was.