Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Something Salonish This Way Comes

Big poetry salon this Saturday, the first in a long time. The theme is "Politics and...," which simply reflects the fact not everyone keeps on theme, nor would we wish them to.

A problem: Some of the great salon stars -- your Pressman, your Wieder, even your Koppy -- are long gone from this place or otherwise unavailable, so I've been hustling to think of something good to do. I settled on Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural Address. To my surprise, I can't get through it without starting to weep.

Well, there you go. You always want to promise fireworks at a salon, but waterworks?

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B. Wieder said...

Ever watched "Ruggles of Red Gap?" The high point is Charles Laughton reciting Lincoln's Gettysburg. The camera keeps cutting away from him because, it is said, he kept tearing up while reciting it.