Saturday, April 25, 2009

Code Talking: The BCL (Beloved Commissioner for Life) of the PF Finley Memorial Fantasy Baseball League Sends Out His 'News and Notes'

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I could be posting. Instead, I josh with 'the boys' in an act of manly bonding.

BCL and his lady went to the A’s fireworks game last night to see Cahill, his backup P, pounded, but the fireworks were great, and the crowd did the wave for an entire half inning, which might have been a record….Russ and Bob doing well early, Russ riding N. Cruz (6 dings) and A. Hill (5 dings) while Bob’s got three no-name pitchers (Romero, Davies and Gallaraga) who are smoking (something?)….Brad is deeply in the toilet awaiting A-Rod’s return, but the question is how deep is too deep? But that team B.A. of .227 is going to adjust up, A-Rod or not….Paul is changing his team name to the Decompositions….last year’s champion J. Pressman is holding his Maine League draft today; BCL missed phone connections yesterday because of the A’s game and thus the BCL’s brain remained unpicked, so Good Luck, JP….Peter is leading the league in K’s, everything else on his team a crapfest…who did Berger actually pick in the final whiparound? Somebody in the minors; I’ve already forgotten who; I’ll get back to you on that…before you push Matt down and try to take his candy, recall that Sabbathia always looks lousy in April and then rules the world…Tola is clam-happy as Masterson gets the starts in Boston while Dice-K heals, but Escobar has had a setback, so that may be a wash…league still undecided about what kind of plant to get for Chef Peter; he prefers outdoor evergreen while Russ and Bob prefer stolen-from-the-cemetery…Paul has five guys on the DL; I’m going to have dinner and drinks with his future mother-in-law to see what can be done

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Peter Moore said...

My team is not completely terrible. Or at least I'd like to think so still early in the season as it is.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Sometime it's not too late to say it's too early. It really is too early, particularly with pitchers who win three in a row and suddenly that ERA is down a full 2. But it's never too early to snark and snipe.