Wednesday, April 08, 2009

This Picture is Worth About Six Words, Seven Tops

Until you hear the story behind it. On the left there you have Richard and next to him his wife Gayle and next to her their friend Jen, who was visiting from Abu Dhabi.

The three met in Jakarta, where Richard was working.

Jen met Gayle. One is polite, you know, so Jen asked what brought Gayle to Indonesia. Gayle replied ... well, I'll let Richard tell it.

(You have to understand, as Jen didn't, that there's a company called -- wait for it -- Sampoerna.)

Okay, ready?

Sampoerna, Gayle said. This was in answer to Jennifer's question, "Who does your husband work for?"

Gayle said "Sam -- poor -- na", but Jennifer heard "some porno".

Thus, Jen was naturally eager to meet this Clint Eastwood of dirty movies, this American who had come to the East to do the Indonesian Adult version of a Spaghetti Western.

And so Jen met Richard -- and this is where the story grows just a little sad -- did not think he looked like a porn star and began to think (perhaps) of stunt doubles and mood lighting.

But, of course, at some point the misunderstanding was cleared up, and life was a little less interesting for all concerned.

(And if you recognize those two folk on the far right of this photo: You should be ashamed.)

And here's a postscript, direct from the United Arab Emirates!

CORRECT....her reply came across as.....

Sam Poor na Company...and hearing impaired me thought
Some Porn Company.....
wow, cool, her hubby works for a porn company and she's really cool with it...
then we finally met Richard and thought, no way, he's too distinguished looking...oh, maybe he's the director???
Heee,heee.....great moments and I was sober!!!


E. says that's Meg in the middle there. She was part of the Jakarta crew that stared at Richard and whispered.

PPPS Correction:

Ah,no, my friend prof Michael....
you must have Meg confused with
somebody else. The Meg featured in this
pic is CIA Meg Until recently,she headed the ' unusual developments in UAE carparks"...anything from driving down a one way lane to
murders and stabbings..." All in a day's work for her.
In her spare time, she's an avid gardener and a collector of Ethnic jewellery and carpets...!!

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