Friday, April 17, 2009

More Email Etiquette: The Kiss Off

Have you ever wondered how to deal with someone who sends and/or forwards you too many emails?

A former -- very recently former -- correspondent shares his secret:

please remove me from this email distribution. i have work to do.
and i am sorry, michael, but i do not have time to read every thought that occurs in your mind

Damn, I gots to slow down.

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Peter Moore said...

What a dick move.
Translation: "My time is so much more important than your time so I will use some of my precious, precious time to tell you so."
Less a "kiss off" than a "fuck off"

John McChesney-Young said...

My eyes widened when I read this, not on grounds of rudeness but because seeing an unread post in your RSS feed in my aggregator always makes me happy. You're up near the top of my 172 feeds - no, I don't read everything in all of them regularly - with my children and Matthew Yglesias and Princess Sparkle Pony's Photo Blog (which you might or might not consider an endorsement).

Also, if you're passing along "every thought that occurs in your mind" and you didn't post anything for three days, does that mean you were unconscious that whole time? And if so, why are you withholding your dreams from us? Selfish, I say!

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Peter: You can be my UN translator any time.

John: Would you please apologize to Princess Sparkle Pony on my behalf. As soon as my voice returns I would drop to my knee and say:

"Where have you been all my life?"

tommy said...

Maybe he was having a bad day?
And now regrets the post?
Electronic media is so instant - and we do need to be forgiving?
Now, should I post this or will I wait a while and reread it?Hmm....I think I'll wait.

tommy said...

Doh! Hit the wrong button.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Forgetting is good. I leave forgiving to the saints.