Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mr. Abbott and Mrs. Costello

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E. is reading her NY Times and says, "My ex-boss from Alameda County and you look like the Pillsbury Doughboy."

I said, "What?" a couple times, and she said the same thing. This was hurtful, and I finally said so because we all have a quiver of zingers -- mostly sly and indirect, which makes me wonder if you keep boomerangs in a quiver -- but comparing me to the Pillsbury Doughboy is definitely not in my wife's repertoire because I am not totally unlike said yeasty fellow.

Oh that's not kind, I said.

What? Oh. Hah! she said. No. Yoo not you. John Yoo, the Bush enabler who brought shame to a regime that already had its full share.

Big old plump John Yoo. We laughed and laughed, and I sucked in my stomach.
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