Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Don't Trash the White Trash

Smart piece in Salon today on the fact white Southerners -- particularly white men -- are about the only group liberals (my own proud affinity group) can reflexively trash as the Brain Scum of the earth. God knows I do it myself even though when my California brethren hear my accent too many of them want to slap me across the face to hear me say, "My daughter, my sister; my daughter, my sister."

And writer Michael Lind says;

Here's how I see it. Liberals should respect and promote the interests of working Americans of all races and regions, including those who despise liberals. They are erring neighbors to be won over, not cretins to be mocked.


Peter Moore said...

So I'm supposed to be nice to the mouth-breathing hillbillies who can't accept a black president. And who would sooner see me dead in Berkeley. Liberals should stop being pussies.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

You are supposed to add, "But you and Morris Dees are cool."

Andrew said...

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