Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Wonder if Max Payne is the Worst Movie Ever Made? (As in: It Inflicts 'Max Pain' on the Audience)

When my wife is out of town, my sleep is fitful, and even the worst cable movie postpones the sheet wrestle. Mark Wahlberg has this little Munchkin face in this little Munchkin body. And he's the 'killer ap' cop?

Good news is I can give it one star at Netflix, which will make future choices there more like to satisfy.

No wife, no kitty. My sleep satisfaction is at least tolerable when there's a warm cat body nearby, preferably two or three. Last kitty I slept with died, and at the moment we are Catless in Gaza (a Biblical reference and also Huxley reference, I think, and thus as inviting to most readers as a slap in the face).

But back to cats. Come January we'll get a basketful.
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