Thursday, March 03, 2005

In the Big One, George was a Stone Killer. People Forget That.

George McGovern was a guy. End of story: a guy. When he talks about Hunter Thompson, I'm going to listen.

By the way, Thompson was not a guy. Many things but not a guy.

And here's Frank Rich in the Times. (It turns out he was much too smart to waste as a theater critic. But who knew?)

Thompson was out to break the mainstream media's rules. His unruly mix of fact, opinion and masturbatory self-regard may have made him a blogger before there was an Internet, but he was a blogger who had the zeal to leave home and report firsthand and who could write great sentences that made you want to savor what he found out rather than just scroll quickly through screen after screen of minutiae and rant.

Zeal? Isn't that some kind of hand soap?

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