Friday, March 04, 2005

Is This Homage? Or Is It Plagiarism? I Hope 'Even the Experts' Fail to Agree.

The daily Romenesko at the Poynter Institute website really is a must-read for anyone interested in U.S. journalism. Poynter will email a summary to you every day. You have only to ask. Here's the top item for today. Just so splendid.

Schmich takes on right-wing pundit world via "Brenda Starr"

Michael Callahan asks if Romenesko readers have been reading "Brenda Starr," which is written by Chicago Trib columnist Mary Schmich. Callahan writes: "For a character whose biggest concern used to be whether her makeup would run as she dashed around the globe chasing n'er-do-wells, Brenda seems to have matured of late into someone auditioning for a new version of 'Crossfire.' Who knew?" TODAY'S "STARR": "Some journalists can be bought as easily as chewing gum!"

And by the way isn't Jimmy (The General) Guckert more or less the male equivalent of Brenda Starr back when she was a bimbo?

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