Sunday, March 27, 2005

Match the Competitor to the Nickname, Win an All Expenses Paid Trip

One of the wonderful things about having a blog is all the new friends you make, not just in the United States but all over the world. One of the personal stories I've shared on this blog is the 22-year history of the Patrick Finley Memorial Fantasy Baseball League, which has provided me with so much pleasure over the years, pleasure in both the competition and in the good fellowship. My new blog buddies have responded in particular to my accounts of the various league members, their foibles, their little eccentricities of dress, their bon mots.

I think Sybil in the UK sums it up best. "My brother is still living in my parents' basement, my next door neighbor is an ineffectual petty criminal, my uncle is a registered sex offender -- I think everyone has friends and relations who are brought to mind when you describe the wonderful members of your 12-step program (sic)."

Because so many of you consider the members of PFinley Fantasy as a kind of extended family, I thought it might be fun for you to try to match the league members with their team names for the upcoming season. There will be an all expenses paid trip for the contestant who successfully matches the most league members with their team names!

1. Kevin Berger
2. Paul Fife
3. Russell Everett
4. Peter Moore
5. Jeffrey Pressman
6. Reed Kirk Rahlmann
7. J. Michael Robertson
8. Brad Swift
9. Michael Tola
10. Robert (Bob) Wieder

a. John 3.16 Plus Tax
b. Motherboy Dinner Dance
c. The Beloved Commissioner Who Leaves No Hen Intact
d. Go Tell the Wussies
e. A Slice of Pie
f. Two Sheds Jackson
g. The Archbishop
h. "Margo Adler"
i. The Feeding Tubes
j. Lord Fopling

Enter as often as you like. Enter again and again and again until the tips of your fingers bleed and your nails turn black.

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mackdoggy said...

I thought that I was going to be "The Arrogant Twits"?