Thursday, March 10, 2005

Now You See It, Then You Didn't

You recall last month I described in both written word and in spoken word Big Pat Daugherty's Super Super Bowl by the Bay Fete. (Isn't fete a wonderful word? Stop and savor it. Say it to yourself. Feel the fete flit across your face.)

Anyway here are some of Big Pat Daugherty's pictures. It was perhaps a unique event; thus, I share it with those of you still trapped in the ice and snow. Don't you go feeling bad about that ice and snow. I think it just means God ain't through with you yet. You are a work in progress, honey, and there's a long way to go.

Now as far as those of us being out here in the nice weather, as my granny used to say:

Jesus is satisfied with you.

Addendum: Click on that picture of the Golden Gate and it gets even bigger and more beautiful.

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