Sunday, September 10, 2006

He Said She Said They Said. I Don't Recall if I Said.

If I were currently wearing my scholar hat and my special scholar jock strap and carrying my bag of magic scholar beans, I would spend some time over the next week raking through what the "prestige" newspaper columnists write tomorrow, which is 9/11, about, you guessed it, 9/11

Two possible responses: write about it or don't.

Two possible responses from the second category: Don't write about it but point out that you are not writing about it, or just don't.

Two possible response from the second category of the second category. In a day or two respond to letters and emails asking why you didn't write about it and also why you failed to note that you weren't writing about it -- are you stupid or what? -- or don't respond to those letters and emails asking the aforesaid question.

In other words, in this age of interaction with and response to readers -- in this age of feedback, of two-way communication -- refrain from taking your readers in your powerful arms and rocking them to sleep by answering their plaintive questions.

I suppose I could break the second category of the second category of the second category down into yet two more categories, but as I said:

No special jock strap. No magic beans.

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B. Lundigan said...

Dr. Robertson: This is one of your posts I don't quite understand. I think this just a roundabout way of saying you have an interesting idea about analyzing the work of newspaper columnists but you are too lazy to do it. It would seem you want some easy credit. Do the work or don't do the work.