Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I am He. I am the Master Teacher.

The assignment today in feature writing: Each student is assigned a different campus elevator in which to ride up and down for half an hour and then write about it. This is a sensory exercise, a concentration exercise, an ease-in-public exercise and an overheard-dialogue exercise. It also reminds them that, as Tom Wolfe recommended, a feature writer should always get there a half-hour early and lounge about.

But is it a useful exercise? Is it merely an elegant conception? The results will tell us that. Oh, next time I do it I'll get drama students to "stage incidents."

This is a good job. High school students would eat me alive.


david silver said...

nice! i like this assigment. please blog the results.

G Pabst said...

This is the ultimate "Black Box," a device which creates a technical/magical change in whatever goes inside and emits a surprising output.

Great idea! I hope your resident trout rise to the the larvae on the surface instead of huddling in the deep blue pools.

You must feel like Nick Adams at the business-end of a bamboo fly pole and knee-deep in the stream.

B. Lundigan said...

You are a trend-setter, sir. Kudos. I only hope you are able to patent or trademark or otherwise protect this idea and create a revenue stream for your old age.