Monday, July 02, 2007

AdSense Has Arrived

This is an experiment so I will have a baseline for class discussion in the fall of the possible profit in maintaining a personal blog. Given my number of visitors, I expect to make less than a dollar a month. Indeed, I may be impudent to aim so high.

My wife is not comfortable with my descent into monetizing, capitalizing, compromising, in short tarting up my little blog and dropping it off at a seedy street corner, wobbly on its 4-inch heels.

We shall see. Ad content is supposed to be driven by Google "crawlers" that survey the blog and adjust my little billboard.

"For God's sake, don't mention Viagra," my wife says.


1 comment:

Greg Pabst said...

re: "purity"
Have you crossed the church/state line? Probably not.
The ad is in it's proper position - where ads belong, everything cater-cornered, the way you like it.
You attempt no ruse via product placement, no embedded endorsements for (your "sponsor" when I logged in this morning) much less Viagra.
No blood on your hands. Nothing's changed, really. The best feature you ever wrote for the Chronicle probably had an ad or two on the same page (or the next) and your work wasn't a bit tarnished by that dark fact.
ps: I clicked the link to and nosed around the site. Might increase your monthly payout.
You're welcome.