Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Capitalist Moment: What Will be Cost Effective?

I'm going to the All-Star game today, having won the right to pay $162 -- which is face value -- for a third deck ticket. I own 1/8th of two season tickets and we had a little lottery to see who got the right to overpay. Actually, most of the ticket holders weren't interested, which I understand since the price is ruinous.

But at 63 I am in "last chance" mode. Many of the choices I am now faced with are not postponements. I won't have a "next time." So I thought well why not? I'm pretty much run out of things to talk about, and the All Star game should produce a nice five minutes in my next one thousand conversations -- with (I hope, and so do you) one thousand different people.

Big question now is: How early do I show up? I've paid handsomely, but do I really want to get there four hours early and watch the millionaires scratch themselves? There's always mindless conversation, of course, and my seatmate is a very good guy *but he's married to the Dean.*

Complaining about the Dean is in my DNA, as it is in the DNA of every true academic. I think it's one of those paired genes, perhaps unrelated to but always in the company of bookish inclinations.

I suppose I could walk around and look at things. That should kill a half hour. Yay. So I think I'll aim for an hour and a half early. Also, I can take a book.

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david silver said...


it's a little chunk of history, you gotta go. plus, you really, really like baseball - it's ok to spend well-earned green on stuff you really like.

enjoy the game and if possible the spectacle.