Friday, July 20, 2007


I'm still feeling a little off-base this morning. A 4.2 earthquake woke us a little before 5 a.m. A 4.2 is just a baby earthquake, but we have lived in this house for 16 years. This was the biggest jolt yet, though all it did was shake us. Not a hair on the house's sleepy head was disturbed. Eydie insisted we go up to the living room, a room without a second-story over it. She did not need to insist much.

After a while, we settled down and went back to bed, though we did not drop off to sleep at once. This from

Gordon said the quake was centered about 2 miles northeast of downtown Oakland on the Hayward fault. The actual epicenter was in the Oakland Hills near Joaquin Miller Park and the Mormon Temple, according to an online topographic mapping service that works with the USGS.

That might be a mile from us. We have put $50,000 into this house in the last five years, doing seismic strengthening. We also carry earthquake insurance, which costs $150 a month and has a big deductible. Some days I feel it's a waste of money.

Some days I don't.

Addendum: Something was knocked off the wall. One of our African masks suffered a broken earlobe.

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david silver said...

wow, that's close. we felt it big time. sorry about the earlobe.