Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An Email from India

heat and dust . . . . and SO many stories to tell. D. (a bit) better (for now) but still hightailing it home via London/Mumbai today. In Varanasi now, on the goddess Ganges, and yes we witnessed it all, from the dank back alleys to the cremations at the ghats (no boat rides or swimming, thank you), not to mention the cute kid who, when he sussed-out we were from CA, shouted "Goldie Hawn" with a big smile. Many minutes of broken English later, we figured out he had a picture of her with his family on the wall of his father's shop when she visited here several years back and would we like to come see it. Otherwise, Indian cities (and attempts to walk or plow through the streets in auto-rickshaws) are like "Escape from NY" meet "Toon-Town" (in Dolby). On the 'quieter' streets, all sadness is ancient. The truth doesn't care what we think of it. That, to me, sums up the faith that allows . . .that enables these folks to get up every morn and carry on (and carry on they do!). We have NO problems, but if I may put all lessons in perspective aside for a moment, a big salad and a hot bath in London are greatly anticipated, as well as a home-return and closer proximity to loved ones. Even David admits we haven't yet completely 'done' India but, at least for the time being, it has 'done' us. Namaste, D & J

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