Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Bathroom Petition

There is a story behind this. A fire was set in the bathroom. The bathroom was closed. The rumor was circulated -- note the passive voice; I should say that colleagues passed on the rumor that seemed to come from no one in particular -- that the bathroom would not be reopened because the whole floor is moving to Kalmanovitz Hall in two months, and the floor will be renovated.

I was moved to action. I fashioned a video petition. I was ready to collect signatures. The morning after the vid was done, I discovered the bathroom was.... Well, not tanned, fit and ready. More like scrubbed, bright and ready. But I'm not one to waste a video.


Anonymous said...

This toilet humor is getting a little old.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

In the words of Sir Barnaby Balfour, Oxon. and Cantab. --

In Peace the hero gorges a dung beetle by having his slaves feed it non-stop (this leads to a good deal of scatological humor — a favorite with Aristophanes — since, of course, a dung beetle eats shit) until it grows to monstrous size

Anonymous said...

Dress it up in all the scholarly robes you like, it's still toilet humor.

Anonymous said...

Hard hitting stuff.

Reminds me of a young Giraldo Revera.


....J.Michael Robertson said...

Just what I was trying to achieve.