Monday, March 31, 2008

Talking with Friends

A young friend recently got a tenure-track job here after a couple years as a term appointment during which he won the college-wide service award. This year he was nominated for the college-wide top teacher award. He is not only liked but well liked, and deserving of it all.

I'm talking with a mutual friend about this, and MF says, "He's doing so well do you think there's a chance he might be able to move on to a better program?"

I said no I don't think he looks at it that way, that we're a teaching school, and I talked about all the reasons this is a very good job for a certain kind of person, one for whom -- how nice for once to say this without irony -- it really is about the kids. Our young friend loves to teach. Whether or not he loves to inspire or if it's simply a byproduct of which he is unaware, I don't know.

My wife, the estimable E., was listening in. Later she said, "Don't you think that was a subtle dig at you?"

And I said: Oh. Maybe. At this stage of life, you have to hit me with a shovel.

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Anonymous said...

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