Sunday, March 02, 2008

Friends Afar

J. writes:

Subject: six word novels from India

Baby slips through train loo. Lives!

India drivers HEAVILY invested in reincarnation.

Tried everything? Fly in your pajamas!

Many old hippies, still 'just looking'.

In Puri now, on NE Bay of Bengal coast. D. dragging me to Calcutta on Tues, variously been described as the cultural center of India, or 6 mill people living on 1 meter of garbage. All in all, tho, all is well. No dehli-belly, we've found peanut butter, the sea is nearby (at least for now), and even the 'serenity' of squat toilets in the privacy of one's own bathroom. Missing friends tho, among the squawkers, gawkers, and hawkers. The rest is silence, beautiful guileless smiles, lots of great photos, and mystery menus with lots of ghee. Namaste

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