Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When a $ Sign is a Road Sign


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What a pleasant vacation it has been, spending hours every day working through an unusually complicated and vexing tax prep. One satisfaction is shredding some antique receipts that had no tax significance at the time and which I saved only out of paranoia and which I am now bold enough to discard.

That's faith in you, Big O.

So I'm going through some old credit card bills, and there it is: May 24, 2000, I charged -- what is it? --$1,005 for one ticket, make that two tickets at $1,005 each, SF to Roanoke, Virginia, where I was born and raised. Damn. What was that about? A bogus charge that I neglected to catch? May 2000? May 2000?

Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah. May 24, 2000. That was the day after my dad died.


Anonymous said...

i am sure that you $1005 tickets east factored IN the "bereavement fare" which is a nice way of saying, "oh you need to be somewhere post-haste?
well bend over and we'll get you there. " OR
"we'll give you something to bereave."

i recall paying 1800 dollars in 1997 for 2 tickets from eugene, oregon to wilkes-barre, pa. for a similar trek. did take my mind off the departed person and onto my departed money.

the aforementioned C of zam zam fame.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Daddy C. Those three drinks we bet are still in play. Or did you win them already. My memory is clouded.