Saturday, March 07, 2009

Huh. It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn?


Tommy Morahan said...

so, it's basically a laptop except more flimsy and the screen can be easily damaged?

Bamboozle said...

is that a kindle 2?

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Tommy: Yeah, more or less. I read on my journalism blogs that a number of companies are working on devices, which (I hope) means that one of them will come up with something that is cheap enough, durable enough, convenient enough to serve as the new "news surface." I wonder at what point such a device would pass the go-to-the-trouble test. Of course, if an oldster like myself can't *get* a paper paper, I'd be a lot more willing to go to the trouble. For you young guys? If you've never used a paper paper, how much higher the bar must be to get you to go with such a device? But if it's useful for magazines, for TV for movies? Maybe being a platform for multimediated news -- with plenty of print -- would be a secondary appeal, and maybe enough to indirectly fund a news operation. I dunno.

Boozler: It's not a Kindle.