Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It's Not Just a River in Egypt

As the owner of one-eighth of a Giants season ticket, I received this.

Giants Season Ticketholders should be especially proud to say, "You bet I was there!" when Barry hit the historic 715th home run ball on Sunday!

Capture the moment – and your pride – forever by wearing the official cap and T-Shirt commemorating number 715 for Barry Bonds, showing him surpassing The Babe and making him second to Hank Aaron on the all-time HR list!

The official T-shirt features Barry's famous swing on the front of the shirt and his list of accomplishments on the back. Both the hat and shirt are available in black (see below). Purchase both at the special price of $38.00 (plus tax, shipping and handling) for a savings of $6 off the retail price.

This offer is only available by phone. Order now by calling 1-800-274-3004.

Enjoy Giants history – your history!

But is it flammable?


....J.Michael Robertson said...

By email, Brother Michael Tola says:

i would rather wear a klan uniform to the million man march

....J.Michael Robertson said...

But Brother Jerry Carroll gives negativism the back of his hand, saying:

Michael: I upped my order from a gross to a peck.