Monday, May 22, 2006

Some International All Stars

William Wordsworth in CF: They called him The Natural but he never could adjust to Astroturf.

Lord Byron. DH, purely station to station on the bases. A switch hitter. Maybe the greatest. Still has all the records for number and variety of groupies.

John Keats. What a talent. A couple of great seasons. Died young.

Percy Shelley. Also died young and a real talent, too. But Keats threw the complete games while Shelley wasted too many pitches.

William Blake. For one inning nobody better. But sometimes you really needed to take the ball away from him.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge. He could have been somebody. He could have been a contender. The difference between Coleridge and Barry Bonds is the difference between being juiced and being just juiced enough.

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