Saturday, May 13, 2006

Popcorn 1986-2006

She has been "mentioned in dispatches" since the founding of this blog. Her lesson was that you do not need to be ingratiating or obliging to be an object of affection. She was like a constitutional monarch. She was frequently "not amused." Her life was one long state visit, with us rearranging our own lives to keep things orderly and predictable and thus to make her life comfortable though she never indicated she found it much more than tolerable. You may approach the throne, she said occasionally.

God save our gracious Popcorn.





Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Popcorn. Felt as if I knew her.

Chuck said...

sorry about the loss she shounded like a good one.

MB said...

I feel honored that she let me scratch behind her "what used to be" ears. Sister Woman

Edric said...

Cats become more than just pets, they become family. I'm so sorry for your loss.