Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Long Day's Journey into Night

I have finished grading a set of papers, plus some miscellaneous late work from the Journalism Ethics class. They were the third essay -- a discussion of the ethical problem in a movie in which the journalist's life is prominently featured.

Capote. His Girl Friday. Absence of Malice. Shattered Glass.

The papers were good. They were very good. As one student put it -- the movie was Almost Famous, the Cameron Crowe semi-autobiography about the fine line between fandom and music journalism -- because he loved the movie, he loved doing work on the movie.

All of the papers were that way. The students were comfortable with the medium, and they had fun. The ideas came easy because what could be easier than talking about a movie?

It was a late start on the day's work, but it turned out all right. But that's just one set of papers from one class. TK as they say down at the newspaper: More to come.

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