Thursday, November 02, 2006

Huh. I Guess the Democrats Will Win the House

I've been looking for signs of possible Democratic success and just realized I am one.

Today I proposed that the members of my fantasy baseball league each throw in five bucks and predict the makeup of the next Congress. Having done so, I suddenly understood that I wouldn't propose such a bet unless I considered the "worst case" outcome a minimally acceptable outcome. That is, even if the Demos only win the House by two or three seats, that won't spoil my pleasure in the bet.

So I'm confident enough to organize the pool. I am my own harbinger. And maybe I'll learn if our league has any Republicans in it. It's kind of a Berkeley bunch, with me as the token Democrat and your Greens and your small-a anarchists and your dog-park Marxists and a 12-stepper or two

At worst, a Libertarian, I think, though around here people only claim they're Libertarian if they're too lazy to recycle.


mackdoggy said...

Dog-park Marxist!?! That, sir, is a blood libel.
I don't have a Marxist bone in my body.

mackdoggy said...

If anything, I am a an anarcho-liberal (to reach the goals of traditional liberalism through anarchosyndical organization.

B. Lundigan said...

Have either of you read Orwell's "Homage to Catalonia"? Was it not the anarchosyndicalists who were betrayed by the Marxists during the Spanish Civil War? I recall it gave me warm feelings about the anarchosyndicalists.

B. Wieder said...

I haven't read the Daugherty link yet, but I expect he pretty much sums up my position: I don't bet when I suspect the game could be rigged.