Monday, November 20, 2006


We had Young Silver and his partner Sarah over to the house so my wife could check them out to determine if his recent hiring here at the U was yet another doomed academic appointment. She said no, and she is never wrong.

She can smell the crazy.

Now, I don't have her gift of divination, but there were clues that even I could pick up. I got out the old digital camera to capture a few images, just for the historical record, at which point Young Silver said, "Hey, let me just take a picture of you and your wife and anyone who chooses to stand with you."

Which he did.

Young Silver understands the song that sings in every photographer's heart:

me me me me me me me me too

So wise so young. Definitely tenureable, if that's a word.


david silver said...

the only thing tenureable about last night was that fantastic dinner.

and the wine.

oh, and, um, definately the after dinner liquors.

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