Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Poll I Want to See? Let Me Tell You the Poll I Want to See....

That would be a poll of Democrats on the person they would like to see get the Republican nomination in 2008, who would presumably be the person they think a generic Democrat would beat like a drum.

The point is that in 1979 I thought Reagan would be the guy for Carter to wallop and that in 1999 I thought Bush the Younger would be the guy for Gore to send back to cuttin' some brush. But those losers turned out to be winners for a variety of sick surprising reasons.

I'm just saying we should be careful who we wish for. We might get it. Right in the neck. Let's work hard to get our best guy (or gal), one who's capable of beating their best guy, be it McCain, Giuliani or Mitt "The Marrying Kind" Romney.

Let's not wish for Brownback or Gingrich.


(All right. You do have my permission to root for Bill Frist. I think I could beat Bill Frist.)

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