Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Class Exercise from Reporting

A: Write the lead

Who: Two USF students

What: Stole six sandwiches

Where: From the dining hall

When: About 2 a.m. last night

Why: Because they were hungry

How: By finding an unlocked door and walking in

B: Change the lead

Keep all the facts from A the same except you can

Change the Who: Two USF professors, or,

Change the What: Stole a 6,000-lb. refrigerator, or

Change the Where: From Father Privett’s bedroom as he slept, or

Change the When: During a solar eclipse at noon, or

Change the Why: To throw at Father Privett during today’s convocation, or

Change the How: By climbing a 40-foot wall and smashing through a skylight

I'm sure you get the point of this exercise. Don't you??

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