Monday, February 26, 2007


We watched NBC national news tonight, and it was interesting to see how many times Brian Williams said "Jesus' tomb" before finally muttering out of the side of his mouth that the new documentary about the alleged discovery of Jesus' burying place implied the existence of "remains" since the box discovered in the tomb and connected with Jesus of Nazareth was an ossuary.

That is, the archaeologists think they found have evidence of the resting place of Jesus' unresurrected body. (Or at least the existence of an unresurrected body back there somewhere. Even the "good" print stories are murky. There's talk of "residue.")

It would make a nice term paper for a Media Studies course: How many headlines, teasers, etc, for mainstream newspapers, TV news shows and websites pointed out early and often that this documentary and the discoveries it describes are electric to the touch because the archaeologists say they have discovered a box that would have existed only if there were bones to be put in it..

Bones. These archaeologists say they have found the box for Jesus' bones.

What's the deal? my wife was asking. That's the deal.

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