Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Have You Ever Had a UPS Package Stolen Off Your Front Porch?

I am in the process of finding out what happens when that occurs. We sent candy, a five-pound box of the See's mixed chocolates, a pretty decadent gift and also one that doesn't clutter up the back of your closet, like those cat pictures. (We love cats. Therefore, people conclude that our love for a living bit of nature's wonder must extend to dreck, kitsch and shtick -- as long as the likeness of a cat is involved. But it's a kind if somewhat sentimental thought, and god must have made the back of closets for a reason.)

That's neither here nor there. (Unless there is the back of a closet.) We sent dear friends such a mighty box of chocolates, but they were elsewhere for some days during the period when it arrived, so someone -- probably some workmen who had business on the property -- helped themselves.

Not so much because I thought we would get reimbursed but out of simple curiosity about how UPS would handle this -- obviously in the interests of volume they have decided to dump packages and forego getting signatures and to self-insure if pressed hard .... Well, we are about to find out what will happen if I press them hard in this case.

I'm curious. And every time you go into See's they give you a free piece of candy, so I would like to be compensated and thus have an excuse to enter their emporium. (Another bit of curiosity to satisfy: Do they give you a free piece of candy if you're just browsing. As if that were possible.)

Will we replace the candy otherwise? We like these people, but we are not besotted.

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