Sunday, February 04, 2007

Four Academy Award Nominations. Winner of Two Golden Globes.

I'm talking about Blog: The Movie, although a better name might be Blog: In the Basement of His Parents. Back in the day, one experienced life robustly but self-consciously, thinking you'd put it all in the novel. And naturally the novel would sooner or later serve as the basis for a movie. But then novels went away, so the plan was to experience life, etc., keeping a close eye on every moment so that it could be condensed, oversimplified and (in the end) pretty much misrepresented so it could serve as the basis for a screenplay, somewhat short-circuiting the process.

Our screenplay. There in the desk drawer. Where you used to keep the manuscript of your novel.

So the natural evolution of things brings us to the blog -- a kind of action, though the closest action can get to inaction, a blogger presenting himself to the world as a slug, though a fast-typing one -- which to assume its natural place in the hierarchy of valuable things must needs somewhere down the road ascend to the silver screen.

That's my aim. That's what I need to keep in mind. So today rather than going the slippers-and-cocoa route for the Super Bowl I'm going with Comrade Pat and Comrade Richard and Comrade Peter to Pt. Molate to watch the Super Bowl among the houseboat/marina crowd *just to create a cinematic moment.*

All you other bloggers. Keep an eye on the water heater. Maybe it will start to leak.

Postscript: By the way, Comrade Daugherty explains to us where Jack Bauer's attention should lie on Super Bowl Sunday. Something is stalking us.

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