Monday, February 19, 2007

If You Came in Late: After 30 Years My Novel is Finished. My Wife is Giving it a Final Edit

This is an email to Big Pat (Friend of the Blog):

At 05:12 PM 2/18/2007 -0800, you wrote:
Six is inked in. Already some funny Edith editing stories. She reached the point where the character very loosely based on me is seduced by the character very loosely based on someone from back in the day that Edith didn't like, this seduction occuring even though a character very loosely based on Edith was elsewhere in the novel ready able and, of course, under my complete control -- as creator of the piece, I mean. But Edith didn't like it, even though this is, you know, *fiction* and the real person never laid a hand on me, and she knew the seduction was coming because she has read the original manuscript more than once.. But she didn't like it, even though if the "me" character hops in bed with the "E." character: no novel, my friend.

Big Pat (Friend of the Blog) responds:


6:00 it is.

If your unconscious was unfaithful, it was unfaithful in the service of art. I'm sure Edith will understand. In time. After a great deal of time.

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