Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Don't Mean I Drink Ripple While I Grade. Don't Be Silly.

I was going to call this post The Ripple Effect, and apparently that noble wine no longer exists, but those who regularly come to this blog are long of tooth and longer of memory, and they might have chosen to misunderstand.

They are just that kind of people.

But what I mean by "ripple effect" is that today, as I averaged up the grades for one of my classes, I decided to give a kid a break. Never mind why. Simply the fact that I can give a kid a break is probably sufficient reason.

Whatever the impetus, I am at least consistent in the distribution of my favors. This kid got a break. Up the food chain the break rippled, tacking on extra credit to all and sundry until it reached the one kid that actually had the A average....

Our computer system won't let us give students the grade of A+. But she knows who she is.

As for the rest of you: Today you stand on the shoulders of a weaker brother. And sometimes that's just the way the world works. Rejoice in it.

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david silver said...

bravo! it takes a lot to stir the whole food chain upward.

are you now officially in summer?