Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Small Step. A Small Victory.

It only took six years for me to figure out that our printer allows you to print only the odd pages of a manuscript or only the even pages of a manuscript. It also allows you to print a manuscript first page to last page or last page to first page. If you employ both these capabilities, running the pages through the printer twice, you can end up with print on both sides of each page, just like a book.

You do not immediately end up with such a product because evolution has yet to complete its noble work, at least in my case, and if one (that's how many I am: one) fails to coordinate the capabilities of the printer, one (still just me) gets page 294 printed on the back of page 1, which is quite avant garde and perhaps even postmodern, producing a kind of "found mystery," an accidental enrichment of the complexity of the narrative path, if you will allow me that.

And I don't see how you can prevent it.

kooL m'I gnipyt sdrawkcab

Coming soon: Typing with one's toes.

Editor's Note: I did finally figure out how to do it. Spatial thinking? Or Something.

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