Friday, May 18, 2007

We are Quoted in Leah Garchik

We are very pleased. We wish we were like Brother Bob Wieder and could be funny on demand and could be quoted in Leah more often. But Brother Bob Wieder is a trained professional humorist and whenever he makes a joke, he immediately turns to us and says, "Kid. Don't try this at home."

By the way, here's something sad. Brother Bob Wieder's own website, Humor Me, where he would lay out the occasional rant, has ceased production. As Blogger has added bells and whistles, it has finally outpaced the ability of BBW's computer to access his own blog.

Brother Bob's computer is made of mud and sticks. It is made of wattles.

But it ain't broke. He declines to fix it.


B. Wieder said...

Actually, not so much "declines" as "has no clue how."

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Brother Wieder has custody of an heirloom, one of the very first computers ever made. It weighs more than 50,000 pounds, and he had his house built around it. Since he likes where he lives, it is impossible to be replaced.