Monday, May 07, 2007

They Shot the Screenwriter. Ain't That the Way?

I thought he was talking too much and failing to make obeisance so I did see it coming -- saw it coming about 20 seconds before it happened. But not quite that suddenly, no, I didn't see that.

So I did a Google and got these odds from

Which one of these Characters will be the first to get "whacked?"
Character must be killed at the hands of a mobster and not a result of Natural causes. If two characters are killed in the same episode whomever dies first in the show regardless of Flashbacks and time continuity will be the winner.

Character Odds
Tony Soprano 15/1
Christopher Moltisanti 7/1
Janice Soprano 6/1
Silvio "Sil" Dante 3/1
Junior Soprano 5/1
Paulie Walnuts 6/1
AJ Soprano 12/1
Phil Leotardo 8/1
Bobby Bacala 6/1
Little Carmine 7/1
These aren't intuitively persuasive odds. Who would kill Sil? Most of the odds suggest the oddsmakers think it's a coin flip. But wouldn't it be nuts -- and I don't mean Paulie --if all of the above survive? It wouldn't be Shakespearean, though. Kill in the 2nd act, die in the 5th.

I don't think David Chase will defy our expectations just to show he can.

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