Wednesday, September 03, 2008

All Quiet on the Northern Front

We didn't watch Mrs. Palin's speech tonight. I don't traffic in prophecy, but I do in probability, and the odds were high it would have soured me on the people who loved it. For it was a canned speech by McCain's men, and there was plenty of reason to think she would read it satisfactorily, and all those bright MSM folk would say that was enough, secretly relishing their contempt for the folk in flyover country.

Were I teaching a political media class or a news media class or even a broadcast reporting class, I would have watched it as part of prep. I would have watched it if I felt I needed additional stimulus to write more checks to Obama and other Dems. I read some comments on my favorite blogs, and that was how they reacted. Strikes me as self-flagellation.

Didn't watch mostly because these days I try to ration those experiences that promote sour thoughts about my fellow man. Moderation in all things, including despair.

But keep writing checks until you *feel* it.

Addendum and clarification: The people I am sour on down to the corkscrew in my gut are those Repubs who have contempt for her background and for her her religion but think they can use her to keep control of the guns and the bucks. They are confident that they can control her, mere woman that she is. And, you know -- maybe they can and maybe they can't. Have we got a Ruth who will be content sleeping at the foot of Boaz or a Joan of Arc who will wade in blood if her voices suggest it.

9/4 update from Political Wire.

The downside to big television ratings: An Obama aide confirms to Ben Smith that Sen. Barack Obama has raised about $8 million from more than 130,000 donors since Gov. Sarah Palin's speech last night -- and is on pace to raise $10 million by the time McCain reaches the stage tonight.

Well, there you go. Personally, we're waiting till we go to an Obama fundraiser next week where I can prance around and wave my check in the air.
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Anonymous said...

Here's hoping I'm wrong, but my guess is at a minimum the speech sewed it up for McCain and furthermore may have laid the foundation for 16 years of Republican rule. If I'm right, many reading this will be dead before there is another Democrat in the White House.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

No, you're wrong. Theocracy will elide into fascism and that into dictatorship because woe begets anger begets despair begets a dream of the Strong Man -- or perhaps Strong Person, if you think that's progress. Does the phrase "President for Life" sound good?

Anonymous said...

Simmer down. Nobody likes to see wattles all rosy and trembling. Soon enough to panic when we hear Jimmah is leading a guerrilla force into the woods around Plains.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Jimmy's Gandhi, not Che.