Monday, September 08, 2008

We Just Make Me Smile

This whole Sarah Palin surge really does suggest that a big slice of Americans see life as a sitcom, that there is some kind of intellectual meltdown or fuzz up that allows them to think whatever is on TV *is* TV, no more or less consequential than the claims in a late-night commercial for the Veg-0-matic, "the world famous food appliance."

Palin and McCain are going to be a kind of latter day Lucy and Ricky, with that darn plucky nutty sexy gal trying her best and fouling it up but it *will* be funny, even if some things get broken, and, sure, McCain will get mad. He'll probably call her a cunt once in a while, which is what he does because gosh-all, the little gals do make you mad.

But it will come out all right, and they'll make up even though they sleep in separate beds just like in the Fifties. Tragedy ends with death, but comedy ends with a marriage, at least a marriage of the minds.

It's just a fun story. But for god's sake keep the Coen brothers away from it.


Anonymous said...

Did Karl Rove mind rays cause BO to refer to "my Muslim faith" and liken Palin to a pig?

....J.Michael Robertson said...

He was insulting McCain's mother.